Expanding Your Skills #WorkWorld

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Expanding Your Skills #WorkWorld

Postby bajayi » Fri Mar 02, 2018 11:14 am

1. Strive for expert status: Go beyond being good at your job; be the best at it. If you want to become truly invaluable to the company, become known as an expert in your field. Learn everything about your role first and strive to become excellent at every task you are required to do.

2. Acquire new skills: Having a wider skill set can make you more versatile, which can help you branch out in your current position and remain onboard if the company decides to lay off some workers. Look at gaining skills that your coworkers have, even if you don't need them for your job. These might include technical or vocational skills.

3. Learn from a mentor: Find someone higher up than you in the company and make an effort to connect with them. This mentor can provide you with deeper knowledge of company operations and advice on how to thrive as an employee. Working with this person shows your superiors that you have a desire to learn and grow within the company. It can even get your name out there as an ambitious employee.


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