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Promoting your Career #WorkWorld

Postby bajayi » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:10 am


Whether you're just starting out in a new career or are a seasoned professional, it is important to promote your career. The times have changed from when it was simply enough to shake some hands and distribute a few business cards. In order to promote your business today, you must highlight past accomplishments, continue your education, network in new ways and share your expertise. Here are some effective ways to promote your career.

1. Emphasize past accomplishments and successes: Use your career accomplishments to build your reputation when talking with other professionals. Anytime you submit a professional biography for presentations or meetings, include this positive information. Keep track of any honors, awards or recognition you receive at work and or in professional societies.

2. Enhance your education and expertise: With jobs adapting to emerging technology and methods, it's important to stay at the forefront of your career. Take seminars, complete an advanced degree, obtain expert certifications and attend conferences. Furthering your knowledge and education will benefit your ability to adapt and evolve as a professional.

3. Create a stellar resume: Include key words, honors and accolades, and specific ways that you fulfilled your role in your office or company. Utilize actionable words and objectives. Demonstrate through your resume how you not only filled a role, but exceeded performance expectations.

4. Network with other professionals: Join professional organizations and get to know others in the group. Use social media networking sites to share what you are working on and to demonstrate your abilities and aspirations. Always have a supply of business cards available, and hand them out at any gathering where you encounter new people.

5. Share your expertise: Sometimes working in a job within your chosen career only allows certain traits and abilities to shine through. If your current job doesn't allow you to demonstrate all of your abilities, creativity and potential consider sharing your expertise other ways. Take advantage of other opportunities, such as working as a freelancer within your area of expertise or volunteering to help community groups and organizations. Establish your own website or regularly contribute to a blog.

6. Advertise your services if you are self-employed: If you run your own business, create a marketing plan that will get information about your business to potential customers and clients. Potential mediums include television, radio, web, newspaper, direct mail and fliers. Create incentives for customers to come to you with their business including discounts, free delivery and upgrades.

7. Strive to be the best: Exceed performance goals, create new methods of accomplishing tasks and work as efficiently as possible. Excelling in your career is one of the best possible ways to promote yourself.

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