Wednesday Inspiration: Staying Focused At Work

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Wednesday Inspiration: Staying Focused At Work

Postby bajayi » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:33 am


1. Check in with yourself: When you get to work, spend five minutes with your to-do list thinking about your day. Think about how you are going to accomplish your tasks for the day. Every hour force yourself to refocus. Look at how you spent the past hour and ask yourself if it was productive. Commit to making the next hour productive. When the day ends, ask yourself how your day went. Was it productive? How can you change to make tomorrow more successful?

2. Know how to do your job well: If you know how to do your job like the back of your hand, then it will require less energy. Knowing what you are doing will allow you to excel at your work. Although you should still challenge yourself to new things and continue to outdo yourself to build your skills, contribute to your company, and to keep yourself from getting bored.
Seek further training to help you master your job if you can’t get things done because you don’t have the right skills or knowledge.

3. Stay motivated to avoid procrastination: A big reason for procrastination is because you are dreading to do something. Force yourself to do things in bursts. Force yourself to start a chunk of something even if it is just for five minutes, then stop if you need to. Once you start making progress on something, you will be more motivated to keep going and working on it longer and longer until it is finished.
Turn your phone off and clear your desk to avoid distractions that encourage procrastination.
Do challenging tasks before lunch when you are the most motivated.

4. Worry about what you can control: Focus your time and energy on what you can control. Don’t worry about and stress about what is beyond your control. If you start getting worried about what a coworker is doing or stressing about another department, it will just waste your own time. You will feel more empowered and be more effective at work if you just focus on what is in your control.

5. Work efficiently: In order to be an effective worker, you have to be an efficient worker. Stop multi-tasking. Focus on one task at a time. If you try to do ten things at once, you won’t complete anything.

6. Collaborate with your coworkers: Work in a team to accomplish tasks faster and to bring new ideas to projects. Working with others and asking for help when you need it will help you be a more effective worker.

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