How to Accept Criticism While at Work - Part 3

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How to Accept Criticism While at Work - Part 3

Postby bajayi » Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:32 am

Learn from your mistakes. If you continually make the same mistake, criticism will never go away. It’s better to make new mistakes with new improvement than have your personal growth stunted because you haven’t fixed old mistakes.
To avoid making the same mistakes, always tackle new tasks with old criticism in mind.
Check your work. Everyone gets tired and loses focus, especially after a long day or at the end of the week. It’s easy to make silly mistakes when you feel worn out, so be sure to double check your work at least twice before submitting it.
Evaluate your own performance. Don’t wait for others to tell you what’s wrong. Take the time to regularly assess your own work. Being your own toughest critic can be a good thing. If you fix the problem before it becomes a habit, others won’t need to criticize you for it.
Try to resolve conflicts yourself. If you find it increasingly hard to accept criticism from someone, politely talk to him or her about it. Explain your perspective and how their criticism makes you feel.[6]
For example, if your manager is constantly giving you extra work but complaining that you’re late in turning it in, try saying something like, “I’m aware of my late submissions and I am sorry for them, but I have trouble meeting deadlines when I am assigned extra work I don’t always have time to complete. Could we work together to sort this out?”
Report problems. If you’ve tried hard to be open and adaptable, yet the criticism keeps coming or feels unfair or uncalled for, you might need to report it to someone higher up. Avoid sounding like a “tattle-tail,” however, and try to maintain a professional, objective, willing attitude.
For example, you could request a meeting with your boss and say, “I’ve mentioned that the reason my work is late is because I am being given extra work on top of my normal assignments. I don’t like disappointing my team, but I can’t turn work in before the deadline if I am not given enough time to complete it. Do you have any suggestions for resolving this issue?”

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